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I'll be honest. I am pretty picky about who I work with. This is not a job for me. This is - without a doubt - a driving passion of mine. I want every person I work with to experience the freedom that comes from this program. 

But that freedom comes at a cost.

How willing are you to work through those hard moments when you want to give up? How willing are you to examine your deep-seeded emotions around food and your behaviors toward it? How willing are you to have a tough conversation (or two) with yourself, friends and family around your lifestyle? How willing are you to succeed?

This transformation won't happen overnight because Lord knows you didn't get here overnight. You need to make a serious commitment. Like change-your-relationship-status-on-Facebook serious. Submit your information below and I will send you a link to complete your new client intake to get started.

change your body and your life.

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