Starting at $49/month

I've partnered with Precision Nutrition to offer the latest in habit-change software online. You'll get access to daily lessons, weekly habits, and regular check-ins all designed to help you unravel thoughts, behaviors and attitudes toward food. Ideal for individuals just starting out or those who don't feel confident with daily nutrition practices.


Starting at $250/session

I will come on-site to your business or gym and provide group nutrition education for your employees, patients or athletes focused on functional nutrition, behavior changes, and individual application. (90 min.)

custom macro-based plan

Starting at $99/month

You receive a custom, macronutrient-based nutrition program focused on your performance, strength-training, or fat loss goals. You will track daily intake and check in bi-weekly for program updates. Ideal for individuals who are confident with daily nutrition practices but looking to dial things in.


Prices vary

I will work with your organization to complete a needs analysis and develop a comprehensive nutrition program for your employees, patients or athletes. The goal of a quality nutrition program is to create a solid nutritional foundation, build in habit-change, and equip individuals to integrate quality nutrition into daily living. (6 and 12 month programs)

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