i’m just a dude/lady who wants to look fit, but still eat real food.

I gotchu, Boo. Whether you work your a$$ off in the gym, sweatin’ to 50-cent OR your just getting started and are fed up with all the stupid diet advice, I’m your girl. Not just cuz I’ve been there, but because I know what the hell I’m doing.

Working together, I’ll build a plan to fit your life, your schedule and your goals.

Hate boiled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and plain sweet potatoes? F-that.

Let’s talk about how to eat some real food and still get strong, fit, and sexyAF.

learn some things

Are you looking for a way to put some REAL LIFE learning in your people’s noggins? I do that. And I do it pretty damn well.

Nobody wants to hear another lunch & learn about how to get more kale and quinoa in their lives. That’s a bunch o’ baloney! (though I won’t be recommending that… where does bologna even come from?)

Anyone can Google, “how to eat healthy”. You need someone that really knows what they’re talking about and can actually help YOU do it.

You’ll leave with some real, honest and applicable nutrition that will get you moving in the right direction, not feeling like you’re spinning your wheels.


Looking to make a HA-YUGE impact in your workplace? Being stuck at work for 8+ hours a day has a lasting impact on our own (and our family’s) well-being. Let’s make sure it’s not a negative one.

I specialize in helping groups like yours evaluate, design, and implement comprehensive nutrition & wellness programs for your employees and athletes. Want to built loyalty? Give people a reason to stay they can’t get anywhere else - a business who gives a damn.

Email me to get started. lisa@lisadesilet.com