Snake River CrossFit nutrition

How awesome that you are part of a community that invests so much into your success! From the programming to the coaching to the continued support, we want to see you succeed! Included with your SRCF membership is the option to receive individual 1-on-1 nutrition. This can help you maximize your training, break through plateaus, and finally get the body and life you love!



You are new to Snake River in the past 6 months. You are really excited about the challenge and are feeling super strong and fit-ish. But... you have no idea how to tackle this nutrition thing. You hear Crossfit is all Paleo but you don't know how to do that - or even if you want to. (Because bread is LIFE!) Click here to start the nutrition On-Ramp series I built to help you tackle food one piece at a time. (And I won’t make you quit bread.)


macro plan

You've been doing this for a while and really want to dial things in. You've been eating healthy for a quite some time and see great changes. But now it's time to feed the beast. You have a solid understanding of proteins, carbs and fat and just need to know how much to eat. You track your workouts using BTWB and want to add in macros to maximize your hard work in the gym. Click here to sign-up for a custom macros-based plan.


1-on-1 consult

You definitely feel stuck "in the middle". You've been around and know the basics of nutrition but don't want the pressure of tracking all your food. You are stuck, wondering how to make progress, how to feel better, or just how to feed your family. Let’s chat about simple tweaks to your current habits. I'll give you my best resources, recipes, or how-to guides just to get things moving again. It won't be complicated - just simple and actionable.

Still not sure what to do? Reach out to me at: