Hey. I'm Lisa D.

Lisa Desilet

I'm Lisa Desilet.

I offer real, straight-forward nutrition for busy families who want to cut through the b-s and learn to eat well without losing their minds. (I get it. I'm feeding a family of five over here!)

Lisa Desilet, MSc, PN1

Through my “no b-s” approach, I make it easy to know what to eat, when and how much. Backed by a Master's degree in Exercise Science, multiple nutrition certifications (that's what all those letters mean) and a pretty solid deadlift - if I do say so myself - I've got the knowledge, tools, and plain ol' life experience you need to feed yourself and your family well (I used to be 40+ lbs. overweight myself). Who says you can’t eat a bacon-guacamole-cheeseburger and still be healthy?

My story and expertise have been featured in many online publications for how I used my own weight loss journey and professional experience to change my life. The list includes Bodybuilding.com, The Huffington Post, The Fit List, and many more. In addition to helping you feed your family well, I also work with medical providers, First Responders and CrossFit gyms all focused on Nutrition for Real Life.

It comes down to this simple statement: It all starts with food. I want to get the message out that eating "healthy" isn't as complicated as it seems. We just need to cut through the b-s and find what's real - real science, real answers and real results.

Come say "Hi!" to me over on social media, where I post regularly about food, family, fitness - basically all the fun f-words.