"Eggs are bad... No! Eggs are good!"

"Carbs are bad... No! Carbs are good!"

Are you tired of nutrition advice that's all over the place?

It seems like a bunch of b-s and nobody knows what-the-hell they're talking about.

I can help.

Together we will cut through the nonsense and get to what's real.

Real Science. Real Answers. Real Results.

No b-s.


How can I help?

You can choose from a variety of options, depending on your need and level of interest. The most popular is a customized nutrition coaching program powered by Precision Nutrition. For those more independent, sign up for a self-directed nutrition course: Functional Nutrition for Life.  If you aren't ready to commit to a program, course, or class, I also have downloadable products for you to use on our own, at your own pace along with some freebies to start you on the right path.

In addition to individual options, I provide nutrition seminars for athletes, EMS responders, employers, and gyms. You can fill out an interest form using the link below.



Looking for a customized one-on-one program to help you target specific goals? I've got your best solution.


Are you a looking to add quality nutrition education for your employees, clients or athletes? Learn more here.


Functional Nutrition for Life is a self-directed nutrition course that is set apart by a no-b-s approach to eating for health, for life and for real. Launching soon.


E-BOOKS & downloads

Having tools at your fingertips can empower you to begin to take steps in the right direction OR give you the extra boost you need to get to the next level.


Success shouldn't be saved for the elite. It should be for everyone! This is why I offer a collection of free resources for you! Read, learn, grow and thrive my friend!

Lisa Desilet, MS
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About Lisa Desilet -  Nutritionist

Lisa Desilet is a nutrition expert for people who are SO tired of nonsense diet advice and just want real, straight-forward answers. No empty promises and no magic shakes, just real results.

Through her “no b-s” approach to nutrition, she makes it easy to know what to eat, when and how much. Backed by a Master's degree in Exercise Science with multiple nutrition certifications (and a pretty solid deadlift), she’s got the knowledge, tools, and experience you need to finally give up dieting for good. That *might* include bacon-guacamole cheeseburgers.

Lisa’s been featured in many online publications, including Bodybuilding.com, The Huffington Post, The Fit List, and many more. She works with individuals, medical providers, Police/Fire/EMS and CrossFit gyms all focused on living, moving and eating well. From these experiences, Lisa's realized: It all starts with food.

When she’s not “geeking out” on all the science-y stuff of nutrition, you can find her in a deep squat with a heavy barbell, whipping up a bomb-a$$ dinner for her family of 5, or chowing down on an aforementioned bacon guacamole burger (no bun, but all the fries!).

Get off the dieting roller coaster and transform your body (and your life) for real.