"Eggs are bad... No! Eggs are good!"

"Carbs are bad... No! Carbs are good!"

Are you tired of all schizophrenic nutrition advice out there?

It seems like a bunch of b-s and nobody knows what-the-hell they're talking about.

I can help.

I cut through the nonsense and get to what's real -

Real Science. Real Answers. Real Results.

No b-s.

Lisa Desilet, MS


Lisa D. is a mom of three who likes to eat really yummy food, has a pretty mean deadlift, and the mouth of a sailor. She loves spending time outdoors, pretending to be good at Crossfit, and experimenting with new recipes.

In addition to being a "free range human", she is also a health educator, blogger, writer, and nutritionist. She hold a Master's degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in fitness and nutrition, studied sport & exercise nutrition, chronic disease prevention, and exercise physiology. Over the years, she's worked with medical providers, colleges, businesses, and individuals all focused on one thing: improving health. From these experiences, Lisa's realized FOOD IS THE FOUNDATION OF HEALTH.