"Eggs are bad... No! Eggs are good!"

"Carbs are bad... No! Carbs are good!"

Are you tired of all schizophrenic nutrition advice out there?

It seems like a bunch of b-s and nobody knows what-the-hell they're talking about.

I can help.

I cut through the nonsense and get to what's real -

Real Science. Real Answers. Real Results.

No b-s.

What do you mean "no b-s"?

There's plenty of it out there (piles of it!) - from nutrition, to exercise, to how to be a "good parent". In fact, most of the information out there is chocked full of b-s and doesn't do you any favors. Constantly searching for the next "30 day fix" that will finally be the breakthrough you've been missing is exhausting! You know it doesn't work because you've tried it before. That's why you're here, still looking for answers. 

Good news...

I've got answers, and a big shovel.

Together we will unravel all that misinformation, bad advice, and down right ridiculous ideas spoon-fed to us through magazines, social media, and even our friends (with the best intentions).

It's time to cut the b-s and get real.

Conventional dieting and exercise can leave you feeling deprived, exhausted and uncertain of what's next. I get it. I've done it too. It works for a little bit, but the moment you stop, the weight and feelings of defeat come back...plus more. 

Ain't nobody got time fo' dat.

How about we fix this for good?


How does this work?

I work with clients all over the country, helping to rethink nutrition to fuel their body and their life. My coaching program is focused on creating real, lasting results by helping you to eat, move, think, and live differently.

medical nutrition


No one wants diabetes when they grow up. The reality of chronic health problems are all too common. What many fail to see is the connection between the food we eat to our health status. Food is information to our cells. While food cannot cure,  it sure as hell can help or hinder our progress toward improving health. Which direction are you moving?

push-ups with kids


Your life was meant to be lived - and played, and enjoyed, and relished. A life of deprivation and starvation does NOT support this. By learning to use food and fuel for your life, you begin to think of it differently. Whether its playing ball out back with your kids, going for a weekend hike, or hitting a PR in the gym, the food you eat has a dramatic impact on your ability to do any or all of this. How are you fueling your life?

wine and appetizers


Diets are boring. No one wants to eat boiled chicken, plain white rice, and steamed broccoli every night for the rest of their life. Variety is the spice that brings us to life and what our bodies crave (and need). Learning to adapt to life demands and understanding what, when, and how to eat, all while keepin' it real is how I operate. Sometime we eat donuts. Sometimes we eat salads. The difference is having the knowledge to make good choices removes the guilt and the diet mindset. Are you ready to give up dieting for good?

Each client I work with is unique.

Everyone has a wide variety of food experiences and backgrounds. This history often contains poor information and misunderstandings around food choices in relation to health, fitness, and quality of life. We struggle with knowing what to eat and when. This isn't due to a lack of information, but rather an overabundance of information I like to call "infobesity". This "infobesity" is usually chalked full of conflicting recommendations and ideas. The trouble we all face is trying to make sense of all this information and decide what is best for us, as individuals. Because what works for the best friend usually doesn't work for us. 

To make better decisions (and make them last), we have to cut through the nonsense and understand what is real.

This program will provide a solid understanding of basic nutrition and its role in creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle. It will give you the tools to give up traditional dieting and learn to eat for life.  At the end of this program, you will know the importance of calories, macronutrients, and meal timing. I will teach you how to make smart food choices while still enjoying what you eat. You will learn to analyze your goals, lifestyle, training, and food preference and build a solid plan for yourself. No more waiting for someone to tell you what to eat. You will finally have the power to decide for yourself.

What does the program include?

My nutrition coaching includes a custom, individualized plan specifically designed based on a variety of factors unique to you. I examine your current and previous diet history, exercise program, health status, body type, and many other aspects to give you the best chance at success. Your plan includes a road map designed to target specific nutrition and lifestyle behaviors, habits and choices that will ultimately lead you to success. That path to success means no more dieting. Like ever.

How do I know this is right for me?

This program may not be everyone. It actually does require work. That's the honest truth. I won't sell you on any gimmicks or tell you that if you take XX pill for 17 days you'll magically wake up with your dream body. This is not Oz and I am not the Great and Powerful.

I will tell you that this will forever change the way you think about food. Your life will look differently a year from now and so will your body. You will break down walls that previously held you back and find a new (or renewed) strength to tackle life and give it hell. 

If you're not ready for that, then this is not the program for you. Because you know as well as I that half-hearted efforts get half-a$$ed results.

What can I expect?

You will receive expert coaching from a fitness industry professional, including bi-weekly check-ins. Your custom plan will provide complete meal planning based on your food preferences and choices. You will gain access to the most innovative "habit-changing" software to keep you on track. You will be invited to join a private community of your peers to offer support 24/7. You can be assured yours will be added to the over 45,000 success stories!

Lisa Desilet, MS

About Lisa Desilet

Lisa Desilet, MS is a mom of three with a pretty mean deadlift and the mouth of a sailor. She loves the outdoors, lifting heavy weights, and delicious food (especially after said weights).

In addition to being functionally-fit and fed, she is also a health educator, blogger, writer, and nutritionist. She hold a Master's degree in Exercise Science with an emphasis in fitness and nutrition, studied sport & exercise nutrition, chronic disease prevention, and exercise physiology. Over the years, she's worked with EMS responders, medical providers, businesses, and individuals all focused on looking, feeling and living better. From these experiences, Lisa's realized: It all starts with food.



Owner, Snake River Crossfit | Mom of 2

Let’s be real: nutrition ranks right up there with politics and religion.  I’m attached to my food, habits and lifestyle.  I’m a full time working mother of two, and married to a firefighter.  Food hasn’t been something I’ve ever been willing to talk about…. until I met Lisa.  It turns out, she is also a full time, working mother, and married to a firefighter!  She is brilliant busy, and understands the demands of family and life.  Sometimes I’m right on top of my game, and sometimes when Daddy is on duty, family dinners look a lot like everyone’s favorite breakfast.  Lisa graciously provides a road map through all of life’s detours.  I trust Lisa, because she understands we get pulled in a lot of directions every day, and fueling those demands can be sustainable, delicious and fun.  


Owner, Wilde Oak Boutique | Mom of 2

Lisa is amazing! She truly cares about ME. She cares about my body and how my body operates inside and out. Lisa has taught me so much about how to live a balanced, happy and healthy life that is conducive to my entire family.  


General Manager, FirstLab 

...before working with Lisa I was having constant stomach pain. It felt as though everything I ate was making me sick. I was working out constantly and yet never felt like I was getting stronger and not losing any weight. I had heard about the work Lisa was doing... everyone had nothing but amazing things to say about her... within a few short weeks I was feeling better than I had felt in years... I would recommend Lisa to anyone who is struggling with health and fitness. Not only has she helped me with the food I am eating but she has made a lasting impression on my life. She is an outstanding coach, mentor, and inspiration.