All this diet advice is bad for your health.

get real-life nutrition without all the bull***t.

REAL-LIFE nutrition

With all the nonsense advice, how is anyone supposed to know what the hell to eat?

There's piles of bullsh*t advice everywhere you look - from nutrition, to exercise, to how to be a "good parent". In fact, most of requires you to change everything about yourself. 

Real Life Nutrition is built on the idea that you should be able to eat whatever-the-hell you want. I mean, who's in charge here? No one should boss you into following a strict meal plan or depriving yourself. You are fully capable of knowing what to eat, when and how much.  You just were never taught.

It's time to cut the b.s. and get real.

Conventional dieting leaves you feeling deprived, exhausted and wondering “what’s wrong with me?!” Nothing is wrong with you.  It's your goddamn diet.

Cut through the b.s of bad, unhealthy and straight-up ridiculous advice in magazines, social media, and even friends (with the best intentions). Get a solution with real science, real life and real results.



Lisa Desilet, MSc, Pn1

Through my “no b-s” approach, I make it easy to know what to eat without all the headache. Backed by a Master’s degree, multiple nutrition certificates and plain ol’ life experience, I've got the knowledge, tools, and real-life strategies you need to feed yourself and your family well (I used to be 40+ lbs. overweight myself). Who says you can’t eat a bacon-guacamole-cheeseburger and still be healthy?

My story, expertise and real-life perspective have been featured in many online publications, videos, and social media channels, helping YOU learn to eat better. In addition to teaching you how to feed your family well, I am the leading expert in fire fighter nutrition, helping First Responders eat for health, for life, and for real.

I’m here to get the message out that eating "healthy" isn't as complicated as it seems. We just need to cut through the b-s and find what's real - real science, real life and real results.

Come say "Hi!" to me over on social media, where I post regularly about food, family, fitness - basically all the fun f-words.

Want to eat better?